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Do you want to feel confident and at your best during pregnancy and beyond?

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Pregnancy Exercise

Are you unsure of what exercises you can and cannot do during pregnancy? I will give you confidence to keep active by doing exercises that will support the body and prepare you for birth and beyond.

Post Natal Exercise

Being cleared at your 6 week check-up does not mean your body is ready to return to your pre-baby workout routine. I will design you a program to recover safely and progress physically in a supportive environment.

One-2-One Training

Do you want to alter your body shape, lose fat or have more energy? I will educate and guide you through a customised training programme specific to your needs, helping you achieve a healthy balanced diet.

Performance Training

Are you training for a specific sport or event? I will work out the physical requirements and establish which areas to work on. By replicating the movements of the sport I will help to improve athletic performance.


Jess K

Project Manager

"If you want someone who’s been there, both as a mother and as committed athlete, and who can turn this experience into a programme that works, then I’d recommend you speak to Mim."

Jenny H

Emergency Services Personnel

"I have trained with Mim for a number of years now....Mim's complex understanding of the strength work required for different sports is impressive and helps me support my goals both inside and outside the gym."

Claire W

Business Accounts Manager

"She perfectly balances reassurance with encouragement to ensure I always feel comfortable in her presence but remain motivated and driven to achieve my goals."

Want to find out more or begin your new journey?

Your fitness goals won't achieve themselves, but we can work together to make them a reality.

Such a wonderful and much needed weekend away with a lovely bunch of mummy friends! Full of laughter, delicious food, bubbles to drink and bubbles to bathe in! 💕 ... See MoreSee Less

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Reposted • @psychedmommy
Great post that hit a nerve with me today!

“I want to talk about how living during a global pandemic can impact sensory overload.⁠

Given the restrictions that have been put in place, the lack of support, and being around our partner + children more than usual, we are likely feeling overstimulated. We may not have access to the same support that we previously had.⁠

This can leave us feeling helpless.⁠

The truth is, we can still create space to recharge during these times. Our efforts will take creativity. Our efforts will also look different than they did pre-COVID, but they are still worthwhile.⁠

Do what you need to create room for pause.⁠

This may look like:⁠

✅ Allowing your kids to use technology while you take quiet time⁠
✅ Practicing quiet time as a family in separate spaces (if safe and age-appropriate)⁠
✅ Using nap time as a time to recharge rather than finish a chore⁠
✅ Setting up a quiet activity for your kids that will allow you to sit down and rest⁠
✅ Telling your partner or support person that you would like scheduled time each day to be alone (even if you’re in another room)⁠
✅ If you’re up for it, waking up before everyone else⁠

Are you struggling with this? How do you take time for pause?⁠”
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Reposted • @mombrain.therapist
“So often when we talk about tempers we think of just the part where we blow up or lose our sh*t with our kids. But there is actually a whole lot that happens before that!⁣⁣⁣
Before the yelling, we are usually walking around in a triggered state for a bit. Maybe a few hours...maybe way longer, like months or even years.⁣⁣⁣
This triggered state is what happens when our brains have started to react to a stressor/stressors and fire up our survival systems. A process we might not even be aware of!⁣⁣
BUT, the good news is that we can get better about noticing these signs (whatever yours are) and responding to them in a way that slows our reactions down enough to create space for a different outcome.⁣⁣⁣
What are your clues that you’re fired up and primed for losing your temper? Do you relate to anything on this list?”
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