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Our Pre-Baby Body – Why Do We All Want It Back?

mother with baby on lap

If I got paid £1 for every woman I’ve heard say “I just want my pre-baby body back”, I’d be laughing all the way to the bank!

Why? What is it that we want back exactly? How it looked? Do we want that taught midriff back that we used to have on show in our teens or 20’s? Do we want back our pert little derrieres that our low-rise jeans would hang off when we were at college or Uni? Or our cellulite free legs that looked great in a pair of hot pants on our girlie holidays? Or simply how it functioned? In fact, did our bodies actually look exactly like this prior to us having a baby or are we leaping back a few extra years? The media seems to portray endless pictures and articles about famous new mums who look so great just weeks or months (or occasionally just days!) after having a baby!

I used to feel exactly the same! I thought the be all and end all was getting your pre-baby body back ASAP! For the year or so before I even became pregnant I’d tailored my training so it was of lower intensity and quantity, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to sustain it when pregnant (I think I thought I’d leap straight back into it afterwards full throttle mind you, I didn’t even consider the lack of time!) When I was pregnant though I continued to train regularly to ensure my ‘extra baby weight’ was as minimal as possible.

40weeks +3days

Then the terrible news arrived!

I was then devastated when I found out I had to have a caesarian section (baby was breach and I was over my due date!). I thought this was going to ruin my chances of ‘getting my pre-baby body back’ sooner! In fact that obsession with not having a c-section eventually overrode the ability for me to make sensible decisions regarding my birthing plan (which consisted of ‘have a water birth’) and the safety of both my baby and me! I tried ECVs and acupuncture and exercises to turn him. When these failed I changed hospitals as my local hospital refused me a breach delivery.

When the consultant actually got me to sign the paperwork so they could carry out a c-section I burst into tears and ended up being counselled by one of the doctors! I knew I had to do it but I just didn’t want to! Really I knew it would be safer but I just didn’t want to admit it! I just couldn’t bear the thought of being immobile for weeks and not getting back to my training quicker than if I could have labored naturally!

Waiting to go in for c-section

Post C-section

Well, the c-section came and went and I had a beautiful little boy. In fairness it was a good job I had a c-section in the end as his little bum was happily squished down in my pelvis, legs up by his ears. He was going nowhere fast!!!

8 days old! 🙂

Post birth I surprised myself and really took it easy for the first 6weeks. I only did my pelvic floor and core exercises and then began walking after the first couple of weeks. After about 10weeks I ventured back into the gym and started doing some easy, posture correcting weight training. After 3months I started gentle running. Everything felt great (although I felt incredibly unfit and heavy!). Until 6 months post partum that is. I’d finished breast-feeding and was looking forward to getting back into some heavier training. Then ‘bang’ my anterior talofibular ligament snaps as I go over on my ankle! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!

My Elephant foot!🙁

Off to A&E. 2 weeks on crutches unable to put my foot on the floor, x-rays, MRI scans, physio, physio and more physio. Then finally 6months later I’m back to “normal” (or as normal as I’m ever going to be!)

That’s when it suddenly hit me! Hard!

Does it matter if I’m half a stone or a stone heavier? If I have flabby bits when I’m wearing my bikini on holiday? Or if I can’t fit into all of my pre baby clothes? When I couldn’t even carry my baby because I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t just go and change his nappy because I was on crutches. In fact I couldn’t go out for a walk with him in his buggy to while away that dreaded witching hour. When I couldn’t get up and down onto the floor to play with him without a hugely slow and uncomfortable faff! That’s when it hit me that we take these simple things for granted. Our health and general fitness is far more important than the size of our trousers!

I’m not the same dress size as my pre-baby body. Nor am I the same weight as my pre-baby body. Neither am I the same shape as my pre-baby body. But I’m stronger, mentally and physically. My balance between training, eating and life is healthier and I’m definitely happier. So why would I need my pre-baby body back?!


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