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Where Do I Start Trying To Find Pregnancy Fitness Clothes?

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Best place for pregnancy fitness clothes

Disclaimer: this is my personal view and experience. If anyone can help with other suggestions or recommendations then I’m all ears!

OH what a headache!!! This is my first reaction to the thought of finding sports clothes especially for trimesters 2 & 3 in pregnancy.

I’ve been there with pregnancy number one where my bump remained really quite small throughout the entire pregnancy. Now I’m there again when my bump already seems huge for barely more than 20weeks!

There just seems to be a real gap in the market for decent workout gear!!!

I find most shops that claim they sell maternity active wear, in reality its more suitable for yoga rather than supportive clothes that may suit someone doing something a little more athletic!

exercising in pregnancy, pregnant lady doing glute bridge

On a Google search this is what I can come up with here in the UK:

Fittamammahttps://www.fittamamma.com/ – looks like great stuff but can I justify the cost?! They are the sort of prices I would consider to pay for leggings that would last me years rather than 4 or 5 months! I have given in though and ordered myself a pair of their capris, they are comfortable but cotton rather than a typical ‘lycra-like Nike capri type’ material, let’s hope they’re not too hot!?!

Gap fithttp://www.gap.co.uk/browse/category.do?cid=1062343  – it seems to have mixed reviews, some good, some bad. The price is fair and perhaps worth a shot for some leggings? Only available online but I personally just can’t seem to get anything ordered?! It always says I’ve timed out (even though I’ve only just logged in!) or that what I put in my basket has now ran out of stock! Grrrr….this seemed like my best bet too!

Mothercare active fithttp://www.mothercare.com/maternity/maternity-active-wear/ – yoga type leisure wear. Reasonable prices but perhaps little support for anything more active than yoga?

Sweaty Bettyhttp://www.sweatybetty.com/maternity/ – again more yoga style or lounge wear?

My last pregnancy I resorted to wearing my usual gym gear but ordered a size larger and rolled the waist line down so it sat under my bump! For tops, as I was getting bigger and bigger. Again I just got my usual sports bra in a larger size for more support and then got some inexpensive bra tops and vests from Primark in increasing sizes and wore them doubled up! They were £2-3 each!!!

exercising during pregnancy selfie

This pregnancy I don’t think I’ll be going the same way! As mentioned above I have already invested in a pair of purpose made maternity training bottoms! I don’t find tops the problem as it’s easy to just buy bigger sizes and stretch them over the bump but the bottoms do seem to be problematic! If they are too tight they tend to dig in at the waist! Sometimes rolling them down creates a glamorous roll of back fat which seems to come from nowhere when you’re pregnant!

The most important thing we need to remember is: Every pregnancy is different. Every pregnant woman is a different shape. Every pregnant woman’s activity , financial availability and general needs from her fitness clothes is different. I just hope this can be of some help to someone.

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