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I am Supermum!

I am supermum and you are too!

There is an incredible pressure on females nowadays to be a career driven woman, a supermodel, a home keeper and a socialite. That’s before they decide to start a family.

When they start a family they are expected to continue to be a career driven women, a supermodel, a home keeper and a socialite….oh and become a great mother, making fresh homemade meals, providing clean ironed clothes, ferrying backwards and forwards to every possible club or activity, the list is endless.

Well do you know what? I’m not a career driven woman. Nor am I a supermodel. Nowadays I’m definitely not a socialite. Not all of my child’s meals are cooked from scratch and fresh every day. Our home is kept tidy but I certainly don’t vacuum and mop all the time! I iron as little as I can get away with.

That’s OK. I am still a supermum as far as I am concerned.

supermum with child

I think any mum who brings up a child or children who are alive is a supermum!

Some days simply feeding yourself is a challenge amongst the sleepless nights, constant feeds, nappy changes and cuddles.

We can’t all do everything! Each of us have a hierarchy of important things to do! Our priorities in life will be different for everybody!

Self care should be somewhere on the list. When my little-un was small self care consisted of just ensuring I got a shower and dressed every day. Nowadays it’s not that much more exciting but also includes 3 short gym workouts per week. I think it’s nearly 12 months since I last had my hair cut. I can’t remember the last time I “did my nails”. To some people those might be important things but to me they’re not!

We all have our priorities, our favourite things to do to relax or grab some me-time. These can be very different for everybody! That’s OK. As long as we make time to do them, to make ourselves a priority once in a while!

I used to be really house-proud. Before my husband moved in I prided myself on my home looking like a show home. Everything had its place and there was a place for everything. It was tidy, it was clean. In fact, it was immaculate! I knew where everything was and I knew all my clothes were always washed and ironed and ready to wear. The fridge was organised, stuff was rotated by best before dates. You’d be lucky to hunt down anything in my cupboards or fridge that was out of date at all! The spare beds were always made up and clean and ready for a visitor at no notice. It was decorated to perfection. Any blemish on the walls was painted over covered immediately. Life was pretty stress free.

Yes I had OCD!

When my (now) husband moved in (temporarily before we bought our own place) it became a little more difficult to manage my home to such a high standard. There was more ‘stuff’ generally hanging around. There was an extra person making a mess and perhaps not tidying up behind himself as quickly as I do. But it worked fine and my high standards just dropped a little.

Then all hell let loose.

We had a baby.

Suddenly, there were minimal hours in the day. There was a lot more ‘stuff’ around the house. Now my once was show home had plummeted into what now looked like a house that had been burgled! The ironing pile grew. The grouting between the kitchen and bathroom tiles started to lose its sparkle. The garden looked a little less manicured and perhaps a little more wild. But that’s OK. These were no longer things on the top of my personal priority list. I managed to stay alive and more importantly I managed to keep our little baby alive! If visitors were expected, I threw the vacuum around the house, washed up and pushed the mess into one corner.

child cleaning

I’d love a cleaner, I’d love a gardener, a chef, an ironing lady, a nanny, all of these little luxuries (or necessities for some!) but I can’t justify it. I can’t afford it. Instead I cut corners on all of the above, I do the minimum I can get away with!

More of a priority for me is preparing some healthier food and trying to get into the gym or doing a home workout 3 times a week. The way I fit this in is to get up extra early and do it before my usual day starts. I forfeit my weekend lie-in to go in the gym! My husband and myself have an unwritten arrangement that I get up with the toddler one morning and he has a lie in until 8am and then he gets up with him the other day and I can lie in (or do a gym session!). It works quite well most of the time!

Prioritise your life! As time passes your priorities will shift. This is normal. You set your own priorities. Don’t forget your priorities won’t necessarily look the same as someone else’s! As long as you are well and baby/child is well you are a supermum in my eyes!!!

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