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Turning a Breech Baby

Naughty Breech Baby!

So I’ve just had a 34 week scan and the naughty little minx is presenting in a posterior breech (back to back and bum down) and slightly oblique position. This is after being cephalic (optimal birthing position) at my last check just 3 weeks ago.

Posterior Breech Gruffalo!

Cephalic Gruffalo!

This happened to me in pregnancy number one at the same time. We then tried everything we could to try and turn him. However he was more than happy just settled down, bum first in my pelvis. Where he remained until he was evicted!

This time I will once again try everything I can to spin her. However I don’t have as many options due to my previous c-section (and my age!). The consultant has recommended no ECV (external cephalic version) procedure this time due to the scar tissue. I am not allowed to go beyond 40 weeks due to my age (yes I’m old and boy do they keep reminding me!!!). They are not happy inducing me, again due to my previous c-section. Plus the consultant has said a big fat no-no to a breech vaginal delivery due to all of the above combined!

The good thing is this time I have a lot more fluid around the baby so another natural position change is more of a possibility. As opposed to baby number one who had minimal amniotic fluid around him!

There is always the possibility that it is due to an anatomical reason that I tend to carry babies in the breech position. Maybe the shape of my uterus is different to the norm for instance? This has not been confirmed though.


I will concentrate even more on my posture throughout the day and night whether I’m relaxing, working or exercising.

Posterior Tilt

Good Alignment

Excessive Anterior Tilt

Trying to keep my pelvis in a slightly anterior tilted (not tucked under) position. I’ll try to keep my hips relaxed and ‘open’ whenever possible, whether I’m sitting relaxing, in the car, working or walking around or simply just standing. I will make sure I don’t cross my legs (something that’s getting increasingly difficult to do anyway!). I’ll avoid slouching or slumping on the sofa or sitting back on my chair. Over the last few weeks I’ve found this incredibly uncomfortable to do anyway! Finally, and the one I struggle with, I will continue to endeavor not to sleep on my back! I try not to anyway, but inevitably I end up waking up in this position at some point during the night!

Instead I’ll lean forwards more when I’m sitting. A position I find comfortable is on all fours relaxing onto and leaning on my Swiss ball or hubbies bean bag. I’ll try to make sure I’m always sleeping on my side with my maternity pillow between my knees. When sitting I’ll make sure my knees stay lower than my hips at all times. Finally I’ll try to keep my hips and pelvis ‘open’ all of the time. For example, sit ‘open’ cross legged to relax. I will continue to read my sons books to him on all fours up to his bed side.


Moxibustion (an acupuncture technique commonly used to help try to turn babies) is also something I will try. It uses a Chinese herb known as Mugwort. Sticks are lit and held over acupuncture points. The radiant heat stimulates the point.


Exercise-wise I will make sure I do lots of Swiss Ball rocking and hip circles. Rock backs on all fours. Stretches like hip flexor, back and side stretches. I’ll also now avoid any squatting exercises until the baby has moved into a head down position as these tend to encourage the baby to sink deeper into the pelvis!

I’ll stick at these things for a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed for my next scan at 36weeks that she has shifted around and got herself into a better birthing position!

I’ll keep you updated of any position changes.

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