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My Body Does Not Determine My Self Worth

Someone asked me yesterday if I was pregnant! Phahahaha…I think he was more upset than me!

I don’t know exactly, but I would guess I am over 2 stone heavier than I was before I fell pregnant. None of my clothes fit. I have a belly that looks as though I am 5 or 6 months pregnant. I have lots of excess body fat, including back fat which I’ve never had before. There is a lot more cellulite. I have actually escaped stretch marks mind you (I can thank my mothers good genes for that!). I do have a lot less muscle mass though.

That’s all OK. My priorities lie with looking after and feeding a newborn baby as well as simply surviving these first few weeks of motherhood. Juggling a cranky newborn (she has reflux and colic) and a rambunctious toddler!

There is no end goal. I will simply set small goals as I go. Trying to love myself and love my body for what it’s capable of and what it has achieved rather than what it looks like. My life gets in the way of looking like a fitness model right now!

I don’t dwell on what’s out of my control. I choose to do what is in my control.

Social Pressure

There seems to be an unrealistic pressure nowadays for new mums to snap back to their pre baby body again.

You may ask yourself ‘if a fitness model or actress can do it, then why can’t I?’ Well maybe they embarked their journey from a different starting point prior to falling pregnant? Perhaps they get help at home with the mundane jobs we have to do like cleaning, washing, etc. I would assume they are on a strict eating and training plan which I would guess isn’t sustainable long term for you and i? Maybe that’s part of their job and they are being paid and expected to get back to a lean body composition quickly?

Self Pressure

I think many mums put pressure on themselves as they feel the glorification (and expectation) of promptly returning to their ‘pre-baby body’. Our appearance, and indeed our size, does not determine our self worth as an individual. For me a lifestyle of obsession and restriction in the bid to be lean, especially at a vulnerable time such as right after having a baby, is far from a healthy mindset to eating and training.

Medical Professional Pressure

My own GP asked me during the week at my 6 week post baby check “are you anywhere near your pre baby weight? How much weight do you have to lose to get back to it?” My response was “I have no idea, I haven’t weighed myself for months. As long as I function properly I don’t care.” This mentality and expectation appears to be everywhere.

Right now, 7 weeks post natal, any time I have for me I first dedicate as a priority to resting, then recovering, followed by rehabilitating. Then finally retraining will be last. This is because I want to allow my body to heal from the inside out.

As you follow my journey, you will see many of my imperfections as well as my experiences and knowledge. Perhaps a very different outlook to the fitness industry seen elsewhere? I am happy to make myself vulnerable with the hope that many more women will be able to connect with me at this time and feel strong and confident in their own bodies!

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