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I’m finally returning to a physical state of normal!

What’s a normal physical state?

For me ‘a normal physical state’ is about being able to move my body in any way I want, running, jumping, lifting. It’s feeling strong and confident. It’s not about numbers on a scale.

I think I’m on the path to ‘normal’.

Over the past (nearly) 6 months I’ve rested (although not slept all that much!) and rehabbed. I’ve returned to gentle movement and exercise. I’ve allowed my diastasis to return to a functional state and my pelvic floor to re-strengthen. I can now actually sneeze 3 times on the trot and not leak! Amazing hey?! The other night I even got 6 and a half hours of CONTINUOUS sleep! Consequently I really felt like I was totally bossing this mother thing the following day!

So this morning, I got up before the rest of the clan and did a quick session in my gym. I used the barbell for the first time in probably a year! IT FELT GREAT!!!

As long as I can get some of this better quality sleep I feel ready to push myself a little harder and bullet proof my body now in the hope of returning to ‘normal’ and full movement and exercise!

I may continue to have some days when I really just feel like stretching rather than working out. But I’m hoping I’ll have less of those days and more days when I can continue my mission to get my inner grrrrrrr back!

Different post partum recoveries

This time around with baby number two my post partum recovery to ‘normal’ has been much slower. There are so many reasons (excuses?) for this.

I was considerably less fit going into this second pregnancy in the first place. Consequently my baseline fitness was a lot worse. I had only recently finished racing triathlons when I fell pregnant the first time, training 5-15hours per week by that stage and my weight was at a ‘normal level’ for me. Going into the second pregnancy I did a lot less training per week, probably closer to 2 or 3 hours and I was sitting at a weight maybe 5kg heavier.

The entire pregnancy seemed so much harder second time around with horrible food aversions meaning I waved goodbye to most vegetables and fish and I could only tolerate a bland diet full of starchy carbs that was simple to cook because the smell of cooking made my stomach turn. I had extreme tiredness and morning sickness. This went on for far longer than the ‘typical’ first trimester and then made an ugly return in the third trimester.

I also suffered with pelvic pain. This meant that most nights after I’d sat down I could barely walk when I got up again. All this was coupled with more psychological stress from unusual test results and health scares throughout the whole 40weeks.

Since the birth I’ve had some hefty post delivery healing to do. A substantial spontaneous perineal tear, a much bigger diastasis than my first pregnancy and a far weaker pelvic floor.

Caring for my babies

Then my little ones, who I am the primary carer for, have been a bigger challenge this time. A clingy baby who suffered with colic and still has issues with reflux to care for on my own. Then a rambunctious toddler to chase around. All whilst surviving on very little sleep.

My breastfeeding journey has also been different this time around. I am still exclusively breastfeeding at almost 6months post delivery. Breastfeeding can affect different women in different ways, but I know for me it puts my body in a state where it seems to hang onto the excess baby weight until I have completely stopped and my hormones return to a more normal balance. But also the on going sleepless nights will be making weight loss more difficult due to increased cortisol production.

Some things are out of my control

All of these reasons mean I get very little time for myself and a lot of stress. Many of these ‘excuses’ are on going but the ones I do have control over, like the diastasis and pelvic floor I have managed to resolve by taking the relevant actions.

I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I get totally back to my ‘normal’ and get to go out for a nice off road run, but I think THAT is just a little way off yet.


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