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At Female Fitness Coaching I Do Things Differently

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge that I feel is so beneficial and important, that I have to share it with every female, mum and mum to be that I can.

When I was pregnant I realized how poor the readily available information was for mums to be and new mums regarding fitness and training.

To top it off, the mainstream advice I was being told to follow by “professionals” and magazines was potentially damaging to my health, giving me advice that could even make my symptoms worse.

It was clear I had to find another way. I felt a necessity to change things and learn to balance food, fitness and motherhood.

So, armed with my new goal, I decided to study and as a result, pre and post natal training quickly became my key interest and I became dedicated to advocating health and sharing information on strength, conditioning, motherhood and all encompassing lifestyle and wellness. I am passionate about helping women live healthy, happy, strong and pain free lives and reach health and fitness goals without losing their minds or compromising long term health.

I can provide you with all the tools to finally be in control, giving you the power to be at your best and to go beyond your own expectations.

Here's My Story...

I have spent over 22years involved in the fitness industry.

I’m a certified level 2 fitness instructor, a level 3 Personal Trainer, pre & post natal exercise and wellness specialist and a member of the UK Athletics Association.

I have raced triathlon competitively for Great Britain at Olympic, Ironman 70.3 and Ironman distances across the world including New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Florida and Hawaii. I have raced 8 full distance Ironman events and many many Ironman 70.3 events, including podium finishes and World Championship finishes in both Kona and Tampa Bay.

I have a passion for travelling and love combining this with sports including snowboarding, diving, trail running, cycling and hiking.

I am a wife to Darrell, WAKO European and World Champion kickboxer and a mother to our son and daugter who keep me busy and active (I really don’t know where they get their energy from?!)

Now my busy life now allows me 2-3 hours per week to train and I spend that time doing weight training in conjunction with either swimming, running or cycling.

I enjoy creating tailor made fitness programs and nutrition guidance that will achieve results you want. 

BSc (HONS) –Personal Trainer, Pre and Post
Natal Exercise Specialist, Competitive Athlete,
Owner of Female Fitness Coaching.

Let's make a plan to achieve your goals...

(Did I mention I was a chocoholic?)